Debt Recovery And Litigation

Our law firm has been specializing in debt recovery for more than 10 years and can provide you assistance to successfully achieve the collection of your money. Successful debt recovery in Greece is depended on many factors such as the debtors credibility and assets.

A debt recovery attempt usually starts by trying to contact the debtor personally, either by phone, fax or email.

If the debtor shows no signs of cooperation it is essential to take legal action against him as soon as possible, as time is the most crucial factor for the successful recovery of the debt. The second step of the debt recovery process is to perform a search in the Greek business portal in order to find out the legal status of your debtor (i.g. weather it is an active company) and to the land registry where the debtor has its residence or known establishments, in order to find out its real estate status, the value, the description and the possible mortgages on it.

The third step is to serve to the debtor through a bailiff an extra judicial statement in order to complain about their behavior and call them to pay the debt in a certain deadline. The final step is to take legal action against the debtor depending on the available documents either by filing a lawsuit or issuing a payment order in order to obtain an executable title and be able to collect your debt by compulsory confiscation against your debtors assets (property or bank accounts).

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