Greek Inheritance Laws

Due to our many years of experience in Greek Inheritance law as a Greek law firm, we can provide you our legal services in order to claim your Greek inheritance in the most effective way.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you on your rights and obligations arising under the relevant Greek inheritance laws and can handle all your inheritance legal matters until they are fully resolved. Especially, in order to secure your rights, we can provide you full inheritance law services including heritage acceptance (either by will or intestacy rules), heritage disclaimer, we can assist you finding out if your deceased relative has left a will, tracing the property title anywhere in Greece, investigating the legal and actual status and in general we can provide you a full legal analysis report.

Heritage matters need severe attention, especially in our days, as the heir not only inherits the heritage assets, but also the heritage debts and obligation. So, in order to secure your heritage rights in Greece and avoid your possible responsibility for the debts of the deceased, either in case of a will, either in case of a succession settled by law (intestacy rules) it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible, as according to Greek Inheritance law there are specific very short deadlines within which you must complete the heritage disclaimer or acceptance on a census in order to avoid being burdened with the heritage debts.

    If you need us to help you with your Greek Inheritance matters, we offer a personal and professional service for all of your Greek legal needs.

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